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"With a strong experience of over 9 yrs, at alfa, our commitment is to continue to deliver accurate solutions on time and develop fruitful relations based on professionalism and trust."



Offering HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription done by some of the finest ears in the industry.



Our Document Management Tools are designed specifically for Clinics including county health clinics, non-profit and community health centers.



Use Internet Based Medical Transcription Service for the Individual Practitioner and Small Group Practices available 24x7

We provide transcription services to Hospitals, Clinics, Community Health Centers and Individual Practitioners, which include complete outsourcing work. Our services include 24 hour turnaround of your files or STAT file turnaround.


Our Document Management Software`s are designed for Doctors, which includes internet based access to files 24x7, online review and editing, inserting electronic signature and distribution options including routing to network printers, faxing or emailing.


Doctors and individual practitioners across US enjoy valuable savings and efficiencies by using our medical transcription services. Not only does our web-based medical transcription software allow them to experience enormous benefits at a low cost but they also find it extremely easy to use. Our clients feel alfa to be the transcription partner they were looking for that has exceeded even their high expectations.


In short, our service is truly extraordinary for any medical practitioner looking for an economical yet accurate and timely solution to medical transcription.