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At Alfa we mix big business service with a hometown atmosphere to deliver top-notch results from CPA and tax professionals that understand the needs of their clients from the individual to the corporation. Alfa has been serving CPA and clients for many years.

Alfa is committed to customer satisfaction and we utilize the latest in technology to customize our service to fit our client's needs while assuring the utmost security. The professionals at Alfa have combined experience of several years, contact us today and put our knowledge to work for you.

All services by Alfa are performed in house by qualified personnel using state-of-the-art software on our own secure network.

We are a Business Process Outsourcing firm located in India offering technologically advanced professional accounting services such as: Bookkeeping, Business Analysis and Taxation – for CPA and clients in USA.

Our well-chosen and qualified personnel are trained in US accounting standards, US GAAP and accounting systems like ‘QuickBooks’, ‘Peachtree’ and ‘Creative Solutions Accounting’. Our unique approach ensures a highly professional, friendly, value for money service. We present our services as an invaluable and highly cost effective alternative to staffing and funding in-house equivalents.


International Tax Accountants - US & Canada Tax Preparation



Are you looking for an international tax accountant to help with US - Canada or Canada - US tax preparation?

Alfa specializes in Canadian and American cross-border taxation. As a cross border tax accounting firm, we bring over many years of international tax expertise to our clients in Canada and the U.S., we are ideally poised to help clients on either side of the border, and are licensed to represent you in all states and provinces.


Taxation can be the most complicated and stressful part of your international move. We are experts in income tax and estate-planning issues faced by individual Canadian and American expatriates living in their neighboring country. A US Canada tax preparation expert will guide you through the minefield of double taxation and ensure you only pay what you are legally required. 

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We offer corporate tax services to businesses opening cross-border branches or filing tax returns for expat employees. We also consult businesses considering doing business in the U.S. or Canada. These services include tax planning and advice on incorporation and entity structure for corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships transitioning from one country to another.


We also provide confidential services to lawyers, accounting firms, and other financial professionals who can benefit from our international tax expertise. Our accountants understand the interaction of the Canada U.S. Tax Treaty with domestic tax rules. Our services include compliance and research either through your firm, or directly to your client.